bar equipment

entertainment equipment

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Bar Equipment

Beverage Jar    5gal/19L                                                              $20.00
Ice Cream Server                                                                            $2.00
Bar Garnish Bin                                                                              $9.00
Wine Bucket                                                                                     $8.00
Ice Bucket                                                                                         $7.00     
Champagne Bucket                                                                     $10.00 
Glass Carafe    14qt                                                                      $4.00   
Shot Glass 1.5oz                                                                            $.35

Ice Cooler- 150qt                                                                          $45.00  


Entertainment Equipment
Balloons Inflation                                                             $14/dozen-latex/$1.50- Mylar
Popcorn Machine (Table)                                                            $60.00
2-Wheel Popcorn Maker w/ Stand                                         $75.00 
Popcorn Package - Kernel, Oil, Salt, 50-60 bags             $23.00 
8" Popcorn Bag                                                                               $0.15  
Margarita Maker                                                                            $160.00
Snow Cone Machine                                                                     $75.00 
(6oz-100ct.) with 2 pumps and Ice Scoop                
Cotton Candy Machine                                                               $75.00

Hot Dog Machine                                                                          $50.00
Jumper                                                                                               $65.00  
Karaoke Machine                                                                           price on request
Bean Bags (various colors)                                    Small $16; Medium $28; Large $38
Valet Stand/ Station                                                                    
price on request
Bartender                                                                                         price on request

PA System                                                                                      $310.00

Heating Equipment
Heat Lamp with Propane Tank (lasts 3 hour)                $85.00   
Additional tank                                                                            $25.00     


Catering Equipment
Round Chafing Dish                                                                   $14.00

Food Warmer                                                                                 $16.00

Fuel Holder                                                                                     $1.00
Champagne Fountain                                                           5.5gal- $80.00
Chocolate Fountain                                                                   $35.00
Punch Server                                                                                $10.00
Crock Pot                                                                                       $15.00
Triple Buffet Server & Warming Tray                              $12.00 
Cooler                                                                             60qt- $8.00/ 165qt- $15.00
Deep Fryer                                                                                    $80.00
Beverage Tub                                                                              $12.00

Outdoor Equipment
Picnic Table                                                                                 $25.00  
Portable Cocktail Bar                                                             $75.00
Barbeque Grill                                                                            3' x 30"- $100.00 
Outdoor Lighting                                                                       price varies

Up lights                                                                                       $30.00


Indoor Equipment
cocktail 42"                                                                                   $8.50
4' long (seats 4)                                                                          $6.75
6' long (seats 8)                                                                          $8.00
8' long (seats 10)                                                                       
48'' round (seats 6)                                                                    $7.50
60'' round (seats 10)                                                                 $8.50  

Children's table                                                                          $8.50


Children's chair                                                                              $1.00
white plastic                                                                                   $0.75
black plastic                                                                                   $1.20 
white with padded seat                                                            $2.75
black with padded seat                                                            $2.95 

Chivalry chair (gold/silver) with padded cushion       $9.00
bar stool                                                                                         $8.00  
Dance Floor                                                                                   prices on request
Canopy                                                                                            prices on request
Centerpieces                                                                                  prices on request



Décor Equipment
Chair Cover                                                                                  $1.50   
Sash                                                                                                $0.75
Table Linen                                                                                   $8.00
Table Overlay                                                                             $0.90
Table Runner                                                                               $6.00
Napkin (20" by 20")                                                                 $0.70
Banner                                                                                          price varies
Table Number Markers                                                           $1.75

Pipe & Drape (adjusts to 8ft x 10ft)                                  $20.00

Wedding Arch                                                                             $125.00 and up

Fresh Flower Wedding Arch                                                 $250.00 and up

King and Queen throne                                                          $120.00 each

Ottoman Couch (seats up to 3)                                          $250.00

12ft Red Carpet                                                                          $39.00

24ft Red Carpet                                                                          $69.00

36ft Red Carpet                                                                          $99.00

White/Black Plastic Stanchion                                           $15.00

Gold/Silver Metal Stanchion                                              $20.00

Red/Black Rope                                                                        $14.00

Easel                                                                                              $7.00

Dessert Bar Menu
Cupcakes                                                                                             $3.50 each; $39/dozen 

  (increases with complexity of design)                               $4.00 each; $45/dozen                                                                                                                
Mini Cupcakes                                                                                   $1.25 each; $15/dozen
Cake Pops                                                                                           $2.25 each; $25/dozen
  - with design (increases with complexity of design)     $33/dozen  

Cake Balls                                                                                           $24/dozen                            
Chocolate Covered Oreos                                                           $24/dozen
     - with design                                                                                $32/dozen
Chocolate Covered Pretzels                                                      $18/dozen

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows                                      $15/dozen
Mini Cheesecake Bites                                                                 $25/dozen

Strawberry Cheesecake Shooters                                         $25/dozen
Madeleines                                                                                      $18/dozen
Chocolate Covered Strawberries                                          $24/dozen

Alcohol Infused Strawberries                                                 price varies

French Macaroons                                                                      $15/dozen
Rice Krispies Treats                                                                     $20/dozen
Chocolate/Caramel Dipped Apples                                    $36/dozen
     -  (Bling sticks are extra)
Dipped Donuts                                                                          $18/dozen

Sweets Buffet

*Mini Buffet (up to 35 guests) $250
*Small Buffet (36-50 guests) $325
* Medium Buffet (51-100 guests) $550
*Large Buffet (101-150 guests) $750

All Sweets Buffet include the following:


-Consultation with Designer

-Table linen with optional table skirt to match theme

-Rental of a variety of jars

-Backdrop rental (optional)

-Rectangle, 8ft table

-Candy ordering and/or assistance in making candy selections

-Sweet Buffet design/décor based on theme

-Customized candy labels

-Candy scoops and tongs

-Custom Candy bags


-Remaining candy will be packaged and given to client

Event Planning

Includes, but not limited to:

-Balloon Arrangements
-Flower Arrangements
-Games Selection
-Poster Printing
-Full venue décor (Chair Covers, Sashes, Table Cloths, Table Overlays, Napkins)
-Event Rentals
-Day of Coordination

- Help with venue selection
- Invitations Design
- Cake and food vendor selection
- Activity stations
- Theme props
- DJ entertainment and bartending services
- Seating chart arrangement
- Party favors
- Linens/ table cloth
- Dessert station
- Party set-up prior to event time


* Prices subject to change without notice

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